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Artisan Statement
Artisan Statement

Artisan Statement

Form Follows Function…

What is this pottery used for? How best can the shape promote its usefulness? These pots stack nicely in the cupboard. They’re sturdy enough to  rattle around in the dishwasher and have comfortable handles. They’re also lead-free, oven-proof and microwave safe.

That said, function isn’t the only determining factor. My influences through classical training are from ancient Greek, early American and old English pottery. I enjoy a refined, uplifted form with a durable rim. My decoration is kept to a minimum with more emphasis placed on the shape and glaze.

I enjoy cooking and entertaining and always try to imagine a vessel or piece that will enhance my meals. Whether it’s pottery to keep butter soft, a mug designed to get 2 cups of tea out of 1 teabag or a pot to aid in the discreet disposal of olive pits, my ware is thoroughly planned, start to finish. I am (in a nutshell) a practical Yankee!

Tracy King Adams

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